The mason jar project

When my 5-year-old needed some cheering up I was immediately ready with her own mermaid jar, but when my 7-year-old son wanted a “boy” one I was……STUMPED. Then I remembered that he loves bigfoot. So I started thinking and creating.

When I was finished he was 110% thrilled to have a little nightlight bigfoot scene.

The project included time, patience, a mason jar, cricut, vinyl, spray on glue, paint, glitter…and a broom to clean up the mess. I won’t bore you with the details unless you’re dying to make these yourself. If you’re interested in one I’d be glad to talk with you about how to make one or purchase one from me.

All in all it was a 2 day project in which my husband thought I was crazy and my friends hopefully had a blast in my Facebook group seeing the pictures of the process in motion.

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