When life…

Sometimes life keeps you from doing what you love the most, crafting. So during those times I like to keep in touch with people on my facebook page and see if they have ideas or suggestions on what they would like to see me create…

If you’re interested in chiming in on my facebook group here’s the name of it, search on Facebook, you’ll find it (hope, hope)


Junebug Craft Life & Designs

Please, keep it kind…the only rules of my crafting group are that you have to contribute once in awhile (meaning, show your crafts you’ve made, help find other crafts to try etc).

So…instead of posting a bunch about all the wedding decorations I’ve been making and tooth fairy letters and car decals for $12 (for a custom made semi-ombre 16×24″ car decal for one of my friends who sells stuff and had a realllly hard logo to reproduce….and most companies said flat out NO we won’t try that) I’ll just leave you with this…

In the past two days my 3 kids have all gotten the “trots” for lack of a better word, my youngest cannonballed into a wall (man I wish I was joking) and I have been prepping for job interviews next week…but still managed to help create an alcohol prevention program and got 4 self designed orders out this week. Whoever said crafting isn’t a “viable career” was probably right, but all the other stuff I try to do to help my kids, family, and community are helping me along the way.

Thanks for reading, check out the FB link to see if you like the page (I won’t really kick anyone out for not posting, but it’s helpful to me and you to see others pix of crafts,  kids, side-gigs, etc right?)

Ok if you actually read this far, please comment so I know it’s not all in vain….just sayin…

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