When life…

Sometimes life keeps you from doing what you love the most, crafting. So during those times I like to keep in touch with people on my facebook page and see if they have ideas or suggestions on what they would like to see me create…

If you’re interested in chiming in on my facebook group here’s the name of it, search on Facebook, you’ll find it (hope, hope)


Junebug Craft Life & Designs

Please, keep it kind…the only rules of my crafting group are that you have to contribute once in awhile (meaning, show your crafts you’ve made, help find other crafts to try etc).

So…instead of posting a bunch about all the wedding decorations I’ve been making and tooth fairy letters and car decals for $12 (for a custom made semi-ombre 16×24″ car decal for one of my friends who sells stuff and had a realllly hard logo to reproduce….and most companies said flat out NO we won’t try that) I’ll just leave you with this…

In the past two days my 3 kids have all gotten the “trots” for lack of a better word, my youngest cannonballed into a wall (man I wish I was joking) and I have been prepping for job interviews next week…but still managed to help create an alcohol prevention program and got 4 self designed orders out this week. Whoever said crafting isn’t a “viable career” was probably right, but all the other stuff I try to do to help my kids, family, and community are helping me along the way.

Thanks for reading, check out the FB link to see if you like the page (I won’t really kick anyone out for not posting, but it’s helpful to me and you to see others pix of crafts,  kids, side-gigs, etc right?)

Ok if you actually read this far, please comment so I know it’s not all in vain….just sayin…

The mason jar project

When my 5-year-old needed some cheering up I was immediately ready with her own mermaid jar, but when my 7-year-old son wanted a “boy” one I was……STUMPED. Then I remembered that he loves bigfoot. So I started thinking and creating.

When I was finished he was 110% thrilled to have a little nightlight bigfoot scene.

The project included time, patience, a mason jar, cricut, vinyl, spray on glue, paint, glitter…and a broom to clean up the mess. I won’t bore you with the details unless you’re dying to make these yourself. If you’re interested in one I’d be glad to talk with you about how to make one or purchase one from me.

All in all it was a 2 day project in which my husband thought I was crazy and my friends hopefully had a blast in my Facebook group seeing the pictures of the process in motion.

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Now what…

Somewhere along the line I got lost, I had a boss who was 110% a bully, stealing my work and presenting it as her own and berating me when she presented the information wrong. I drew the line when she said I had to said I had to time and report my bathroom breaks. I wasn’t supposed to help the doctors who came to me for help, but I did, and because of that my “unproductive” time was off each month. I told her supervisor what was happening and the behavior got worse in retaliation. This place I had worked for the past 10 years was now my nightmare. So I quit. Without notice. I know…horrible, but honestly I couldn’t take it one more minute.

Then I worked for a doctor in a private practice, I was managing a clinic and loving it. About 4 months in the doctor ended up going to rehab for alcoholism. We kept the clinic open long enough to refer patients to other clinics and then the doctor closed it. I was shattered.

Now I find myself in a place where I can’t find employment, I’m terrified of working in the healthcare field, and I don’t know what to do to support my family.

The only thing keeping me sane is doing some crafts off and on, making pretty things for weddings and stuff people request, which is bringing in a teensy bit of money…but not enough. People tell me to start a business, sell my stuff on etsy or Ebay or somewhere…but I have no clue how to do that.

I feel a little lost in the chaos of my life with three kids and a husband who is miserable at his job.

So…now what…

A sleeve….a cactus

The morning starts just fine most days, younger kids waking us and me waking the teen. Husband making lunches and me getting kids ready and packed up for school. Then the trials start. Clothes.

When you have a child with sensory processing disorder wearing anything (and I literally mean anything) can make them feel like it’s tight, itchy, loose, too soft, too warm, too hard, too pokey. Today it was the sleeves. Yesterday was quite warm here in MN and today is cold, so like all good moms I got out the lighter long sleeved shirts for the younger kids and that’s when the meltdown started. (And by meltdown I mean nuclear reaction that spread quickly through 2 kids and a teen to the point that everyone was ready to scream, light the house on fire and run away to join the circus)

This shirt is a cactus!

To my son the particular shirt felt like a cactus poking at his arms. We’ve dealt with issues with his SPD for a few years so the calm down ritual began, brushing, compression, bear walk, crab walk, and into a different less cactus shirt. Some people think I’m giving in when I do all that and “cater” to his “tantrums”. But those people don’t know that by going through some sensory exercises to give feedback to his brain it short circuits the outburst and makes the day go smoothly. In fact by the time we got to school he was his happy calm wonderful self.

SPD isn’t real…

If I had a dollar for every time I have heard that I would be so rich I wouldn’t ever have to worry about anything (not even itchy cactus shirts).  Even mom’s who have kids with Autism look down on SPD as nothing compared to autism, which really hurts and makes it harder to go through life with a son who has multiple traits on the autistic spectrum…just not enough to be categorized as autism. Sensory processing disorder is real, it’s a daily struggle, and it’s a blessing too.

Wait, did you say blessing?

Sure did! Because of the SPD diagnosis with my son we have done lots of research on how to make our home and his life sensory friendly. We have been able to help others and even found out along the way that many kids have issues with sensory integration during their formative years. I’ve been able to tell our teachers “you have sensory implements in your classroom” because they don’t understand that the funny chairs or under inflated wedges actually help kids focus and engage their core muscles. I’ve been able to understand my son on a higher level and get to know his beautifully insightful mind that blooms just below the surface of his budding personality. Mostly my family has grown closer in learning to do sensory activities, doing more together, and hopefully someday we will all be able to go to church and concerts (aka quiet places that outbursts are frowned upon) together. Until then, we will keep dealing with cactus sleeves and the ever changing circumstances in our lives.


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